2020 Ford mustang ecoboost premium convertible

Location: Pasadena MD
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2020 Ford mustang ecoboost premium convertible
Classification(s): Sportscar
Acquired: 2022
Approx. Value: $28,750.00

Key Stats

Exterior Color: Silver
Interior Color: Black
Body Style: Coupe
Fuel Type: Gas
Fuel capacity: 16.0Gal
Odometer: 61998


Engine: 2.3T
Engine location: Front
Engine Displacement: 138cu.in (2300cc)
Cylinder configuration: Straight 4
Torque: 350
Horsepower: 310

Drive Train

Drive type: Rear wheel
Transmission: Automatic
Transmission Detail: 10R80-stock 1st-4.696:1 2nd-2.985:1 3rd-2.146:1 4th-1.769:1 5th-1.520:1 6th-1.275:1 7th-1.000:1 8th-0.854:1 9th-0.689:1 10th-0636:1 Final drive- 3:31:1
This Ride has no mods listed yet.
Saw this one on the lot and immediately fell in love with the iconic silver, the convertible top being a neutral idea since it's fun to have but a pain to repair. Grandmother had a 66' blue mustang with a white top and eventually I plan on making this one a more modern version of her old mustang astedic wise . So far all I have done to it is a muffler delete and just a simple drop in filter.