1997 Honda Civic HX

Ride Name: Dragoni
Location: Springfield Missouri
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1997 Honda Civic HX
Classification(s): Sportscar
Acquired: 2018
Approx. Value: $0.00
This is my 97 Honda Civic HX it has the d16y5 engine with the five speed. I haven't done a lot of engine upgrades besides the performance headers and exhaust and it currently needs a new engine. I've been doing custom paint and body work on it for almost 6 years. It's not perfect it's not exactly where I want it yet but it's getting there. Still need to finish some of my interior the flooring the headliner I want to reupholster my seats or get racing seats. I just started my custom sound system in the trunk where I will make my own custom fiberglass stereo boxes and a custom floorboard for the trunk. She needs air ride struts really badly right now because the front bumper is so low it hits everything especially my driveway every time. I got to order some ABS plastic and I'm going to build front and side splitters. I also built a custom diffuser for the back of this from foam board and fiberglass but it's not holding up as well as I'd like I may redo it out of plastic or metal. I planned on reverse flipping my hood still got to finish building and welding the front hood hinge then I'm going to install Hood pins and I've got them painted neon green. I wanted to do neon ghost flames on the hood. The main thing this car needs is it new or rebuilt low mile engine whether it be the d16 or if I b series swap it then I want a turbo kit I need more power in this little car I'm tired of people running around me on the roads 😂 cuz she may look fast with the canards in the big racing Wing but she's not real fast not yet.

Key Stats

Exterior Color: Black
Interior Color: Black / neon green
Body Style: Coupe
Fuel Type: Gas
Odometer: 0


Engine: D16Y5
Engine location: Front
Engine Displacement: 1.6L
Cylinder configuration: V8

Drive Train

Transmission: Manual

Other Features

It's just a custom show car that I'm building I would never build this car for race I have a different car in mind for that 😉
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I bought this car from a friend back in 2018 for $300 it was beat up silver. Almost 6 years later here's what she looks like today. I'm an auto body collision repair student in this car has been my practice car that I've been learning more stuff on. The biggest thing I learned on this car was how to mold to plastics and glue them together. Still struggling with that a little bit but I think I'm getting better at molding them together. This car is far from being done but considering I built it myself I think it looks pretty good. Still got a lot to do the next thing that I need is the engine replaced with a rebuilt lower mile engine and a turbo kit then I need air ride. My front bumper sit so low it scrapes every time I go in and out the driveway.