1995 Honda Civic LX

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Location: Salem, Oregon
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1995 Honda Civic LX
Classification(s): Classic

Key Stats

Body Style: Coupe
Fuel Type: Gas


Engine location: Front
Cylinder configuration: V8

Drive Train

Transmission: Automatic
This Ride has no mods listed yet.
Bought the car for $500 got it working in the driveway and drove it home, guy was surprised it ran, as it had been sitting for an entire year, been troubleshooting with it and just trying to get it to last me a while, its a manual transmission, 5 speed, and I already have a few sponsorship’s with a couple different medium sized companies to help me with the cost of performance parts, so as she sits she’s stock, but i have a quick release, some seats coming soon, and hopefully a K series engine swap soon