2017 Volkswagen Golf GTI S

Ride Name: DAVOD
Owner: extratone
Location: Columbia, Missouri
Modifications: 7
Meets/Shows: 0
Marked on Fire!: 1
Added to Fantasy Garage: 1

2017 Volkswagen Golf GTI S
Classification(s): Sportscar
Acquired: 2023

Key Stats

Exterior Color: Night Blue Metallic
Interior Color: Titan Black w/Clark Plaid
Body Style: Hatchback
Fuel Type: Gas
Fuel capacity: 13.2 GAL
Odometer: 92000


Engine: CXCA
Engine location: Front
Engine Displacement: 2.0L
Cylinder configuration: Straight 4
Torque: 258
Horsepower: 210

Drive Train

Drive type: FWD
Transmission: Manual
Transmission Detail: TRANS TYPE 6    6.0 min 6.0 max TRANS DESCRIPTION CONT. Manual w/OD    FIRST GEAR RATIO (:1) 3.76    3.76 min 3.76 max SECOND GEAR RATIO (:1) 2.08    2.08 min 2.08 max THIRD GEAR RATIO (:1) 1.46    1.46 min 1.46 max FOURTH GEAR RATIO (:1) 1.08    1.08 min 1.08 max FIFTH GEAR RATIO (:1) 1.09    1.09 min 1.09 max SIXTH GEAR RATIO (:1) 0.91    0.91 min 0.91 max REVERSE RATIO (:1) 4.55    4.55 min 4.55 max FINAL DRIVE AXLE RATIO (:1) 3.24    3.24 min 3.24 max
Alloys, wheels and tires

Spare Wheel Delete

Installed: 07/21/2023

(Yes, I mean I just took the "donut" out.)


Soundaktor Delete

Installed: 07/28/2023

The device, itself, is mounted only with a single 10mm nut. Once I removed this nut, I was able to shuffle around the device enough to reach the disconnector and remove it completely.


Green Valve Stem Caps

Installed: 10/20/2023

A huge commitment, no doubt. - Buy link: https://www.oreillyauto.com/detail/c/xtra-seal/xtra-seal-tire-valve-cap/xts0/154923/v/a/140821/automotive-car-2017-volkswagen-gti?q=15-4923&pos=0 - Dumb Instagram Reel: https://www.instagram.com/reel/CzMuxTov1xz


Handbrake Boot Delete

Installed: 12/02/2023

Originally just pulled the boot up to try and figure out what I needed to do to adjust the handbrake but I realized I liked it a lot better without it entirely.


Arkon RM40802T

Installed: 12/06/2023

no thanks to y'all or modern search engines, I managed to find an astonishingly high-value, (seemingly) extremely robust, suction and physical bracket-based windshield mount. get bent. details: https://extratone.craft.me/arkonmount


OBDEleven (P1003 OBDeleven Next Gen Standalone)

Installed: 01/11/2024

"The OBDeleven VAG application, coupled with the OBDeleven NextGen device, is designed to give all Volkswagen Group (VAG) enthusiasts and professionals more control over their vehicles. With an easy-to-use and intuitive interface, you’ll be able to make advanced changes, modifications and customi...


Rear Seat Delete

Installed: 02/02/2024

America, Consider your juice... 𝗝𝗔𝗖𝗞𝗘𝗗. ⧛⦙⦙⦙⦙⦙⦙⦙⦙⦙⦙⦙⦙⦙⦙⦙⦙⦙⦙⦙⦙⦙⦙⦙⦙⦙⦙⦙⦙⦙⦙⦙⦙⦙⦙⦙⦙⦙⦙⦙⦙⦙⦙⦙⦙⦙⦙⦙⦙⦙⦙⦙⦙⦙⦙⦙⦙⦙⦙⦙⦙⧚ Some years ago (2016 or 2017,) I was playing around with Volkswagen's build-a-car World Wide Web Site tool one night, speccing up a fantasy example of the automobile which has always (believe it or not) been #1 on the no-limits list: a 5-door Golf GTI, this time in my favorite of the seventh's colors - Night Blue Metallic. The Davod Spec™ has the six speed with the fucking joke golf ball shift knob, yeah, and the plaid cloth seats with the goddamned red stitching. That's it, though - the calipers are red but I've always thought stamping the marque there, too, is a bit much. No billion pound sunroof. The undercase mud flaps. Anyhow - my recollection is not very detailed, so I've no idea how it happened, but it turns out I must have accidentally pushed the "buy" button *and* selected the dirt cheap shipping because it took *three* people 6 *years* to drive whatever the fuck kind of 90,000-mile back country ass route this unbelievably imperturbable automobile went through to arrive, but I'm just glad it did... ...because forreal, I hope and expect to relax a bit... to welcome ye electrified motherfuckers to my neighborhood. Why would I mind if you want to sit in your car for 40 minutes every day? Hello, it me. I am changing de gear. lol Don't fucking hit me, please.