1969 American Motors AMX

Ride Name: WeaponAMX
Owner: Mick
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Modifications: 0
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Marked on Fire!: 1
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1969 American Motors AMX
Classification(s): Classic
Acquired: 2022
390 V8 with auto transmission Go Pack and Rally Pack Options

Key Stats

Exterior Color: Frost White with Red Stripes
Interior Color: Red
Body Style: Sports Car
Fuel Type: Gas


Engine: AMX 390 V8
Engine location: Front
Engine Displacement: 390ci
Cylinder configuration: V8
Horsepower: 315

Drive Train

Drive type: Rear Wheel
Transmission: Automatic
This Ride has no mods listed yet.
Most of you have probably heard of AMC before, but felt the need to include a little brand history since it wasn't an option to choose for the make of my car lol. For those that don't know, American Motors Corporation (AMC) was the 4th major maker of American cars from the 50s on up to the late 80s when they were bought out by Chrysler. Jeep was an AMC before it was owned by Chrysler and is pretty much the only thing left over, other than Dodge using and AMC name on a car occasionally like newish Dodge Hornet. Anyway I discovered the brand in highscbool and have wanted an AMX ever since. AMX stands for American Motors Xperimental and was their version of a 2 seater sports car to take on the Corvette. The engineers at AMC took their Javelin (mustang/camaro competitor) and cut about 1 foot out of it and removed the rear seat. It was It's own model from 1968-1970. Starting in 1971 it became a performance package for the Javelin instead of its own model. I came across this car for sale in 2022 and couldn't pass it up. It's mostly stock (for now). The car was sitting in a museum in California for a few years where the previous owner bought it and restored it. After driving it a few years he listed it for sale and I happened to look at the right time! It has the top of the line 390 V8 under the hood with the automatic transmission. Came equipped with the Rally Pack and Go Pack options (improved cooling system, power front disc brakes, stiffer suspension, Twin Grip limited slip differential, etc...) Not going to change a ton, but want to make it a better driver in general so I can eventually take it on the Hot Rod Power Tour some day.