1966 Ford Fairlane

Ride Name: Skippy
Location: Farmington NM
Modifications: 0
Meets/Shows: 0
Marked on Fire!: 1
Added to Fantasy Garage: 1
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1966 Ford Fairlane
Classification(s): Classic
Acquired: 2021

Key Stats

Exterior Color: Black but rusted
Interior Color: Used to be Baby blue
Body Style: Sedan
Fuel Type: Gas


Engine location: Front
Cylinder configuration: Straight 6

Drive Train

Transmission: Manual
This Ride has no mods listed yet.
In the year 2021, my fiance told me there was a 1966 Ford Fairlane sedan at a salvage yard. I knew then I had to see it. When we went to go see it, I right away wanted it. We even named it so we weren't stuck trying to think of one later. So Skippy came to mind. He too had a straight six and was in desperate need of help. I put in 200 dollars a month until I reached 700 dollars to pay Skippy off. When I did. We had a friend load Skippy on his trailer and take it to our house. We celebrated Skippy's first year with us in 2022.