1967 Chevrolet Chevelle/Malibu

Ride Name: O'Malley
Location: Farmington NM
Modifications: 0
Meets/Shows: 0
Marked on Fire!: 1
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1967 Chevrolet Chevelle/Malibu
Classification(s): Classic

Key Stats

Exterior Color: White
Interior Color: Blacj
Body Style: Coupe
Fuel Type: Gas


Engine: Straight 6
Engine location: Front
Engine Displacement: 4.1 litre
Cylinder configuration: Straight 6

Drive Train

Transmission: Automatic
This Ride has no mods listed yet.
The day I met my fiance was the day I met O'Malley. I've learned quite a lot from him. He was a family heirloom that went from great grandmother to the grandfather to the parents to my fiance. O'Malley has been through tougher things; he's been T-boned, hooked incorrectly to the tow truck, and then stored away and revived. The more about O'Malley I learned a lot. He gave me potential and living simply wasn't so bad. He showed me beauty of enjoying life and beauty of growing old. All the things I didn't have, he gave me inspiration