1991 Honda CB 750 Nighthawk

'the' Night Chicken
Ride Name: 'the' Night Chicken
Location: Morrisville, NC
Modifications: 0
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Marked on Fire!: 2
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1991 Honda CB 750 Nighthawk
Classification(s): OTHER
Acquired: 2022
Approx. Value: $3,000.00
1991 Honda CB750 Nighthawk

Key Stats

Exterior Color: Red (for now)
Interior Color: Doesn't have one
Body Style: Other
Fuel Type: Gas
Fuel capacity: 4.7
Odometer: 45


Engine: Four Stroke Transverse Four Cylinder, DOHC, 4 Valves Per Cylinder
Engine location: Mid
Engine Displacement: 45.5ci
Cylinder configuration: Straight 4
Torque: 47.2 lb-ft @ 7500 rpm
Horsepower: 75

Drive Train

Drive type: RWD
Transmission: Manual
Transmission Detail: 5 speed
This Ride has no mods listed yet.
So there I found myself, lying in a dentist chair... This is the story of how I came across and purchased my first motorcycle. I was 20 years old and eager to get my own motorcycle after riding my friends Harley Sportster 1200 and my other buddy's Suzuki SV650. I would scour Facebook Marketplace for hours on end wishing that I would come across the deal of a lifetime. It didn't take much searching before I found my first motorcycle from the most unexpecting person. One afternoon I had a dentist appointment for a cleaning. I was in the waiting room of my dentist office, scrolling through Marketplace when I got called back to have my cleaning done. Now for context, my dentist is one of the sweetest older ladies to talk to, she was nearing retirement and would swear like a sailor which would make it hard not to laugh while you sat there with your mouth wide open. She was making small talk with me in between cleaning and the topic of motorcycles came up. We talked and it became immediately apparent that she knew what she was talking about when it came to bikes. Her husband, son, and herself all rode, but the statement that followed made my jaw drop. "We have a full barn of old motorcycles that are just taking up space right now," she said. So there I found myself lying in a dentist chair having just made arrangements to go take a look at numerous motorcycle barn finds in my dentist's backyard. I exchanged contact information with her, ecstatic about how this crazy story was about to unfold. One week later I showed up to my dentists address with one of my close friends, both eager to see what barn finds lie behind those doors. The doors were drooping downwards sagging at the hinges making them more difficult to open. Once the light made its way into the building it revealed motorcycles upon motorcycles. Honda Shadows, Triumph Thunderbirds, BMW k75's, some other airheads including an r80 police bike, and one Candy Red Honda CB750 Nighthawk. The bike my dentist's husband was willing to sell to me was the bike that I bought and still own till this day. I proudly own my 1991 Honda CB750 Night Hawk nicknamed The Night Chicken. She was in rough shape when I first bought her; she had 45,000.00 miles, a dented tank, a scratched gauge cluster and a chain that hadn't spun round once in over 7 years. The bike has been my labor of love as I improve it and make the bike my own I get one step closer at a time to completing my first, but certainty not my last motorcycle build. My plans for it consist of converting it into a cafe racer style bike as that is primarily the type of riding that I do around town. I am going to keep most of my build secretive until I unveil it on social media, but until then you will be able to see it's progress periodically at Cars and Coffee Morrisville.