2008 Honda Pilot

Ride Name: Norm
Location: Raleigh,NC
Modifications: 0
Meets/Shows: 1
Recent Events: Lincoln Legends Car Show
Marked on Fire!: 1
Added to Fantasy Garage: 1

2008 Honda Pilot
Classification(s): OTHER
Acquired: 2016
Approx. Value: $0.00
Honda Pilot

Key Stats

Exterior Color: Silver
Interior Color: Grey
Body Style: SUV
Fuel Type: Gas
Fuel capacity: 18 gal
Odometer: 200000


Engine location: Front
Cylinder configuration: V8

Drive Train

Transmission: Automatic
This Ride has no mods listed yet.
We call it Norm cause that's who we bought it from. Norm hauls all the camera equipment all over the country. If you see this ride that means I'm running around doing video. Come find me and say hello. Maybe I'll shove a microphone and camera in your face while you tell me a story.