What does it cost to join?

Nothing!  For general users, RIDEOLOGY is and will be free.

For Car Clubs and Car Meets, there is a free version, but our feature-rich PAID version will be coming soom. The Paid Car Clubs and Car Meets version will include extra features like Membership Directories, Check-in and SMS messaging functionality.  

Where is RIDEOLOGY hosted from?

Many people don't ask that question, but should. RIDEOLOGY is hosed in our datacenter managed by TierPoint in Raleigh, North Carolina.  We also have a backup datacenter in North Carolina, and some services use Amazon AWS.  All sensitive data is hosted on our high-security servers. Images (not data) are stored on Amazon. 

How many Rides can I upload?

Right now, there is a limit of 10 RIDES per person.  If you have a bigger car collection, email us and we can lift the limit for you. 


Selling of Cars

Right now, we do not plan to deal with selling of cars. We would prefer that dealers not use the site for this purpose. If you put in your pictures of a car with a For Sale sign on it, we will not be upset. You can also mark your Ride for sale on your car Profile page to indicate this information. RIDEOLOGY won't facilitate the sale of your car, though.


We will have advertising options in the near future.  They will be direct with RIDEOLOGY, not through a broker. 

Data Privacy

We are going to be very upfront here.  We do use cookies on the site and track our hits, views, etc. since we will be showing the public Ride views.  For this and other reasons, we do not use Google Analytics.

A word on Social Media

Although our developers have worked with Facebook and other social media integrations many times, we have internally decided NOT to integrate with Facebook and the other social media sites. RIDEOLOGY is about cars, car clubs, car owners, and car meets - not social media. We do not plan to be a social media platform. We take your data and privacy very seriously and feel social media integrations could potentially expose your data. We feel this isn't the right direction for RIDEOLOGY. If you want to have an open discussion about a car, modifications, or other things, we suggest going to Reddit.