Hashtag: #TeamKLIQ


All of NC, North Carolina
Team KLIQ is a car/truck club based out of North Carolina with members all over the state. We are a competitive car/truck club, and we regularly attend shows, cars & coffee, and other car/truck related events.

We welcome all car/truck makes and models from modern to classics to antiques. We are more than just a car/truck club, we are a family!

Club Requirements:

Modern Cars/Trucks:

  • Suspension (Factory upgrade accepted)
  • Aftermarket Wheels
  • Performance (i.e. Engine, Exhaust, Tuned, etc.)
  • Paint/Wrap (no rust, cosmetically clean)
  • Interior modification

Classic and Antique Cars/Trucks:

  • 20-39 years old is considered Classic
  • 40 years and older is considered Antique
  • Must be fully restored before consideration
Regular Meetings: No